Known degradation    
  Work Packages    
DECODE is organised within work packages, which are:

Work package 1: Project management and coordination
Organization and management of the project

Work package 2: Requirements and Specifications
Definition of operating conditions, materials and testing procedures. Common understanding of the test capabilities and resources.

Work package 3: Investigation of Membrane and Electrodes degradation
Understanding of PEFC membrane electrodes assembly degradation under steady-state and transient operating conditions representative of automotive applications.

Work package 4: GDL Degradation Characterization and Assessment
Understanding of fundamental degradation mechanisms relevant to the porous media in PEFC. Models and thinking tools for the description of the effects of liquid water in porous media are developed in order to describe microscopic and nanoscopic effects.

Work package 5: Investigation of Degradation of Bipolar Plates and Seals
Understanding the fundamental degradation mechanisms of metallic bipolar plates with/without appropriate coatings as well as of bipolar plates manufactured of composite materials.

Work package 6: Improved durability
In the work package 6 the results and ideas from the work packages 3, 4 and 5 will be used to improve durability of fuel cells. Starts in month 21st.

Work package 7: Recommendation and Dissemination
The objective of the work package 7 is to disseminate the results for the scientific work.

For detail information see Project Structure.