ProgressMEA Presentations

Progress in the Understanding of PEFC Degradation related to Liquid Water interactions
File: Charisma2010_Friedrich.pdf

Understanding of Degradation Mechanisms to Improve Components and Designs of PEFC
File 1: Carisma2010_Schulze_Poster.pdf
File 2: Poster_hfc2009_DECODE_DLR_V02.pdf

Electrodes ageing: local degradation insights
File: Carisma2010_Escribano.pdf

Analysis of degradations of PEMFC combining Pore-Network Modelling of GDL and Performance Modelling
File: Carisma20110_Pauchet.pdf

Interaction between MEA design and ion contamination in PEFC stac
File: Carsima2010_Glueck.pdf

Degradation analysis of PEFC short stacks in the presence of liquid water
File: Carisma2010_Muenter_Poster.pdf

Investigation of fuel cell components and degradatiom by AFM
File: Carisma2010_Hiesgen.pdf

Comprehensive performance simulation of PEM fuel cells
File 1: Carisma2010_Kehrwald.pdf
File 2: Carisma2010_Kehrwald_Poster.pdf

Degradation study of PFSA membranes in DECODE project
File: Carisma2010_Merlo.pdf

Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) degradation in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
File: Carisma2010_Scholta.pdf